A night to remember…

Last night we were captivated by the most amazing experience. We watched the Laka Leke Joged Dance Group. This wonderful troupe is made up completely of children with the eldest being only fourteen and the youngest six years old. Unlike other dance performances that are performed during temple festivals Joged is not a sacred dance. It is a traditional Balinese dance performed on a more social basis for weddings, birthdays and anniversaries.

This form of dance is particularly popular with the Balinese youth. The group performed some short but intricate dances such as the rabbit dance and the butterfly dance. We were delighted by their precise and beautiful facial expressions and hand movements.

One of the rabbits was the daughter of our friend Wayan. The rabbits were just so cute and we adored their special dance.



You can watch this wonderful performance on a Thursday night at the Laka Leke Restaurant (about 10 minutes out of Ubud). The show runs for 45 minutes from 8pm till 8.45 pm. We arrived early and had a very tasty Indonesian dinner in the stunning garden. If you are visiting Ubud there are lots of dance shows to watch but Joged dance is such a different experience which I highly recommend.


6 thoughts on “A night to remember…

  1. Oh, I just love that first photo with the girls done up so beautifully, and yet, like the children that they are…personalities popping out all over the place. You can almost hear the little ones fidgeting. The older girls are looking around, interested in what is happening elsewhere. It makes me feel the energy of the evening.

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