My Guru just arrived by post…


Yesterday afternoon I went to pick up my mail and was very excited to see my Guru had arrived by post. Well not exactly…but nearly as good. My newest issue of the magazine, Sri Sakthi Gnanadeepam, was waiting in my box.

Each year when I stay at the Sripuram Ashram in India I renew my magazine subscription. Then each month I receive this delightful magazine packed with photos, quotes, news and discourses by Amma. It fills me with happiness each time one arrives. It is as if I have returned to the ashram without even leaving home.

These spiritual magazines are a great way to catch up on what is happening at the ashram while you are not there. They are a fantastic tool to refocus you on your spiritual path. Most importantly they remind me of my goal to be of service to others.

Another spiritual magazine I subscribe to is Yoga. This wonderful magazine is all about Satyananda and comes from the Bihar School of Yoga in Munger, India. It gives some lovely insights into living a more genuine yogic life.

Proud to be working hard…

Last November I was volunteer teaching at the Sri Narayani Vidyalaya School in Thirumalaikodi, India. On my way to class I photographed these children waiting to show Principal Ramesh their wonderful zoo assignments. You can see from their faces how proud they were … Continue reading

Green India ~ Green Sakthi…

When I was in India last year I became a member of a wonderful initiative called “Green Sakthi”.

“At Sri Narayani Peedam there are many environmental projects. In August 2012, Sri Sakthi Amma inaugurated these projects under one name : GREEN SAKTHI. To mark the launch of GREEN SAKTHI former Indian President Abdul Kalam and Sri Sakthi Amma donated 600 000 fruit bearing saplings to over 2000 local villages. These trees will provide clean air, shade and homes for animals as well as provide fruit, an economic benefit to the villagers.

GREEN SAKTHI now includes : Afforestation (SAAP), Local Tree Planting, Green Belt Area (SAGAR), Tree- Nursery, Tree donations to local organisations, Green Sakthi Club (environment-awareness programs in local schools), EXNORA (the award-winning zero waste management program), Bio-Gas plant, Water Sewerage Treatment Plant, Volunteers Program and soon-to-be launched: a Monthly Newsletter.” (excerpt taken from Beloved Narayani).

Green Sakthi plants trees in rural india with care. So far, 700 000+ trees have been planted locally… last year they donated 600 000 fruit-bearing trees to local villages.

During my time at the ashram last year I helped my delightful friend Reema to conduct some “Green Sakthi” lessons at the Sri Narayani Vidyalaya School. This thoughtful program was created by the beautiful and special Nathalie Latham who oversees Green Sakthi. Her energy and vibrant personality has helped to make Green Sakthi a great success. Reema and I created a tree with the children. The children wrote on the leaves of the tree all the things they could do to improve their immediate environment e.g. picking up rubbish.

To help support Green Sakthi please contact Nathalie at Green Sakthi.

Find the Divine in all you do…

Yesterday Padma heard from our beautiful friend Lou who is still at the Sri Puram Ashram in Thirumalaikodi, Tamil Nadu. She had this to say… “Here, life is good as always. We had dinner with Amma last night. Wonderful! Amma … Continue reading

Happy Deepavali…

“Celebrating Deepavali helps to reinforce the conviction that everyone should cleanse their minds of impure thoughts and work towards attaining the human goal of salvation” Sri Sakthi Amma.

Two days ago we celebrated the wonderful festival of Deepavali – the Festival of Lights. Deepavali means row of lights and signifies the destruction of evil and welcoming good into our lives. It reminds us that we need to live harmoniously with nature and give back to humanity through service.
In South India it is only celebrated for a day but in other parts of the country it is celebrated for a longer period.

We celebrated the festival here at Sri Puram with a special ceremony which involved the lighting of 10008 oil lamps.

We purchased a lamp ticket (as shown above) for 10 rupees. You could purchase as many as you like. Upon lighting the lamp you offer prayers for your family and friends.

It was a captivating event with the tiny lamps generating a huge amount of heat. They were arranged in a star shape. After all the lamps were lit Amma walked around the lamps and blessed all present.

“Whenever the culture is alive good habits are undisputed and followed. Hence, when society dwells in good habits, it lives happily, harmoniously and peacefully. ” Sri Sakthi Amma