Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Horizon

It is a very positive and bright future on the horizon for these fantastic children. Through the grace of Sri Sakthi Amma and the Sri Narayani Vidyalaya School these children have an amazing opportunity to succeed and are having lots … Continue reading

Keen to be green…Green Sakthi…

I have posted before about the wonderful Green Sakthi environmental programme that is occurring at the Sripuram Ashram I stay at each year in India. It is overseen by a gorgeous friend of mine Nathalie Latham.

This wonderful video shows Part 1 of the thoughtful¬†“green” movement that is happening in India. For more information go to Green Sakthi.

Love melts fear…

This lovely song “Love Melts Fear” by my friend Edo Kahn showcases the beautiful Sripuram Ashram in India that I visit each year. Amma’s love has the power to melt all our fears.

“Sripuram has been created to communicate the universal Divine truths to mankind”…Sri Sakthi Amma