My Guru just arrived by post…


Yesterday afternoon I went to pick up my mail and was very excited to see my Guru had arrived by post. Well not exactly…but nearly as good. My newest issue of the magazine, Sri Sakthi Gnanadeepam, was waiting in my box.

Each year when I stay at the Sripuram Ashram in India I renew my magazine subscription. Then each month I receive this delightful magazine packed with photos, quotes, news and discourses by Amma. It fills me with happiness each time one arrives. It is as if I have returned to the ashram without even leaving home.

These spiritual magazines are a great way to catch up on what is happening at the ashram while you are not there. They are a fantastic tool to refocus you on your spiritual path. Most importantly they remind me of my goal to be of service to others.

Another spiritual magazine I subscribe to is Yoga. This wonderful magazine is all about Satyananda and comes from the Bihar School of Yoga in Munger, India. It gives some lovely insights into living a more genuine yogic life.