Weekly Photo Challenge ~ One shot, two ways…


I snapped these two colourful pictures at the Mysore Palace in India last year. Although the photos are “one shot, two ways” they capture quite a different mood. The photo above depicts a traditional family grouping in front of the Mysore Palace just before closing time. The second close up picture really gives a little insight into the personalities of a few members of the group. I love how the beautiful lady in the middle, in the orange sari, is looking directly into my camera. This is one of my favourite shots from my time in Mysore.


WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge ~ The world through my eyes…

Last November I visited Fort Cochin in Kerala. During my stay I was lucky enough to watch a Tamil movie being made. It was delightful to sit for half an hour and watch this scene progressing. Nobody minded me taking photos or getting close to the action. Ah…the joys of watching the world through my eyes

The princess of hill stations ~ Kodaikanal…

India is not all sweeping plains and flats. It has some lovely places to visit in the hills too. One such wonderful destination is the hill station of Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu. It is known as the princess of hill stations because of its beauty and serenity.

Winding up the narrow roads and hairpin bends that lead to Kodaikanal you immediately notice the temperature getting cooler. This is why hill stations have been so popular for years ~ they provide a welcome respite from the heat of the plains. We stayed at Kodaikanal in January and the day would start off sunny and clear but by 2pm the fog would start to roll in and the temperature plummet. We even had to ask for more blankets at our hotel…something we had never had to do before in India.

The town of Kodaikanal centres around the beautiful Kodaikanal Lake. Here you can hire boats to discover and enjoy the lake or bikes to ride right around its circumference. Kodaikanal is also famous for its delicious chocolate and its numerous shops stocking it are hard to resist. There is also a lovely lookout above the town which gives you a perfect view down over the plains.

Do pop the princess of hill stations ~ Kodaikanal on your next itinerary to Tamil Nadu.