A Sound Life…

My beautiful, kirtan singing friends, Edo and Jo, have launched a new website called A Sound Life. They have started a new international charity bringing the healing and creative power of music and yoga to those who need it most.

Edo and Jo are the most generous and kind hearted people I know. If you have time please visit their new website and see how wonderful they are and the giving work they do.

Om Namo Narayani…

Padma and I have now arrived at Sri Puram in Thirumalakodi, Vellore for the second part of our trip.
The first part was shopping, relaxation, visiting new places. The second part is about spirituality and service to others.
Sri Puram is the abode of the avatar Sri Sakthi Amma. This is our third visit to Amma.
While here we stay at the Kamala Nivas Guesthouse. At the moment the main guesthouse is being renovated.

Our room at the ashram…

The ashram has simple but comfortable accommodation. The rooms are 1200 rupees and include three Indian meals a day. They have a separate bathroom with hot water and airconditioning.

Yesterday we had darshan with Amma. Darshan is where you are able to sit in the presence of the guru/avatar. We all sat on the verandah of a beautiful little cottage in the ashram grounds.
After darshan a small group of people from all parts of the world (Australia, France, Canada, England) went to a small girls orphanage. Here we served a special meal for the children to celebrate the upcoming festival of Diwali – the Festival of Lights.

The children entertained us with some singing and dancing. Gifts of pens and notebooks were given to each child which they were very excited about.

We travelled to the orphanage by bus and that was an experience in itself! Fast and lots of horn honking but a real highlight.
“A guru is essential to rid oneself of bad karma and set out on the righteous path.” Sri Sakthi Amma