Fossil Fever…it’s catching…

I have always had a weird fascination and love for fossils and rocks. Kind of kooky huh?!
On my last trip to New Zealand we scampered down to the wild and woolly Rangitikei River. Its rugged banks hug the border of our friend’s farm at Mangaweka. The Rangitikei River is New Zealand’s longest river and was used as the Anduin River in The Lord of The Rings movie.

This amazing river has sheer cliffs that loom over the water below. The white/grey clay that makes up these cliffs is called paapa. Below the cliffs the riverbank is made up of hundreds of rocks of all shapes and sizes.

We had a lovely walk beside the river. Suddenly while wandering along my eyes seized upon a beautiful rock with the remainder of an old shell fossil inside.

Unfortunately the rock was a bit big to put in my pocket for the steep trip back up from the river. However nearly immediately I spied another teeny fossil. This dainty one was of two shells and a perfect size for my pocket.

So with the rock snugly in my pocket we walked back up the steep hill to the farm. The fossil rock now nestles together with my other rocks. A lovely reminder of a perfect trip.