Peace trees…

I have been very lucky to have the Gyuto Monks from Dharamsala, in India, to stay with us twice. I am organising at the moment for them to stay with us again this year.
When the monks were here last they taught us how to make peace trees. While my nieces were here over Easter we made some new ones.
They are very easy to make. All you need is:
Dry small branch, coloured wool, light modelling clay and any other decorative items such as feathers, material etc…
First you bind the branches with the wool. Then you make small birds, animals and flowers out of the modelling clay. Attach these to the ends of your branches.
Kids and adults love making these trees and the process of making them is very creative and relaxing.
Display the finished trees in your house. They bring peace and good fortune to all those who view the trees.
Om mani padme hum..