Lotus be friends…

My name, Lakshmi, and the lotus go together. Most images we see of the Indian goddess Lakshmi has her seated in the blossoming lotus. Maybe that is why I adore the lotus so much.
In Hindu tradition, the lotus represents beauty, non-attachment, purity and resurrection. The lotus is rooted in the mud but floats on the water without becoming wet or muddy. As a lotus is able to emerge from the muddy waters unspoilt and pure it is considered to represent a wise and spiritually enlightened quality in a person; it is representative of somebody who carries out their tasks with little concern for any reward and with a full liberation from attachment.
“One who performs his duty without attachment, surrendering the results unto the Supreme Lord, is unaffected by sinful action, as the lotus leaf is untouched by water.”
— Bhagavad Gita 5.10

Ubud is positively blooming with beautiful lotuses. Whether in a small stone bowl or a large pond they are everywhere you turn. Lotuses have the power to brighten even the murkiest pond. In 2014 I’m going to make a more conscious effort to be like the lotus. I want to be more considerate in my actions towards others and work on my attachment to my belongings. The path is long but at least if I am able to identify my faults I can skip along the path without straying too far away from it.



Slam dunk…your rubbish!

One of the things I adore about travelling to different places in the world is the way each country deals with common dilemmas. Disposal of rubbish is a worldwide problem. In Ubud they have come up with a cute way for people to dispose of their rubbish…old basketball hoops. These hoops are dotted all along our morning paddy field walk. They are attached low down to walls and trees for people to place their litter.

These bins really tickled our fancy, especially Rahul, who was a handy basketball player in his youth.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Beginning…

Holidays in IndiaI have always loved to travel and it seems as I get older that the urge to wander is getting stronger and stronger!

That is why I always love the beginning of the year. It is a time to perfectly contemplate a ‘clean slate’ of a year and the travel possibilities that I may explore.

I look forward to travelling with you all in my back pocket this year. I wonder where the wind will blow us?

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Grand…

The gorgeous city of Mysore can be found in southern Karnataka, India. When you visit Mysore make sure to include the Maharaja’s Palace on your “must see” list. This grand old building will delight and captivate you. After you finish … Continue reading