Let Lakshmi cleanse and purify your heart and home…

Goddess Lakshmi

Goddess Lakshmi

I have previously posted on my namesake Goddess Lakshmi. The gorgeous Goddess Maha Lakshmi Devi is a very popular Goddess in India because she is the Goddess of wealth, prosperity and good luck.

There is a lovely mantra called the LAKSHMI BEEJ MANTRA which is dedicated to Lakshmi. The powerful Lakshmi beej mantra is…

“Om Hrim Shrim Lakshmibhyo Namah”

When this mantra is prayed with a heart full of love and devotion it produces amazing results. This mantra will cleanse and purify your heart and home. It will open the doors of opportunity that will transform your life.

The mantra is best chanted 5, 11, 21, 51, or 108 times. Try it and see if it transforms your weekend…

The Gayatri Mantra ~ A Prayer to illuminate the intellect…


Are you feeling a little jaded today? Need a spiritual lift but don’t know where to turn? Well try the wonderful Gayatri mantra. This Indian mantra has always helped me to lift my energy level and refocus on the important aspects of my life.


Om Bhur Buvaha Swaha

Thath Savithur Varenyam

Bargo Devasya Deheemahi

Dhiyo Yonaha Prachodayat

This translates to:

On the absolute reality and its planes.

On that finest spiritual light.

We meditate as remover of obstacles.

That it may inspire and enlighten.

The Gayatri mantra can be recited using your japa mala or just quietly wherever you are comfortable. It is recommended that you recite it three times a day ~ morning, noon and night but you will find what suits you. I have a lovely copy on a CD that I listen to in the car.

This mantra is great for protecting you from harm and warding off misery. It is said to remove evil tendencies and implant virtuous habits. I find it calms the monkey mind and gives me a lasting feeling of peace and tranquility.

The following is a lovely version for you: