Temple Elephant blessings…

With silver anklets, big enough to fit around my waist, jingling on each of her four perfect feet you will hear Lakshmi coming before you see her. As she sways gently down Rue Manakkula Vinayakar Covil everyone is delighted to see her. Lakshmi is, of course, the resident temple elephant at the Manakkula Vinayakar Temple in Pondicherry.

Each afternoon at around 5pm Lakshmi can be found out the front of the temple. For a few rupees you can receive a special blessing from her. You stand in front of her and pass your rupees to her minder. Lakshmi will then bless you by, ever so gently, placing her trunk on your head. It is truly one of the most special experiences in India and I never tire of this magical touch.

Silver anklets jingling, a glint in your eye, a softness in your steps and a giving heart…Lakshmi we love you!

When you’re happy and you know it…clap your hands!

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Bean bag boogie!

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