A face only a mother could love…

Bali is dotted with amazing carved stone statues. Everywhere you turn are little and large moss covered beauties. One type of statue that fascinates me is the demon statues or Butas, Kalas, and Butakalas as they are known as in Bali.

Although I have referred to the statues here as demons they aren’t necessarily evil. They are more symbolic of the dual nature of ourselves and the spirits they represent. They remind us that we have more than one side to our life and personality. However some of them do have a face that only a mother could love…





Weekly Photo Challenge ~ From lines to patterns…

She bends carefully over the pavement with her deft fingers delicately releasing the chalk. From lines to patterns she lays down the chalk outline and fills in the shapes with vibrant colours. These beautiful rangoli designs transform even the dullest spot. They are one … Continue reading

Why waste a wall?

Graffiti or wall art isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. However for me it is an art form that always amazes me. It can be used in so many instances to brighten and enliven a dark, dull precinct and add interest and fresh life.
Wellingtonians have done this with great flare. Huge expanses of wall and shed door space have been reinvigorated with zany graffiti. I thought it looked fantastic. I’d love to know what you think…







Peacock perfection…

My creative friend Melissa has just completed an amazing wire sculpture for me. It has taken her a few months because of the intricate detail she used in this stunning piece.
It is of course a sculpture of my favourite bird ~ the peacock…India’s national bird. I just adore him. I’m sure you will agree he is a true work of art.


Peace trees…

I have been very lucky to have the Gyuto Monks from Dharamsala, in India, to stay with us twice. I am organising at the moment for them to stay with us again this year.
When the monks were here last they taught us how to make peace trees. While my nieces were here over Easter we made some new ones.
They are very easy to make. All you need is:
Dry small branch, coloured wool, light modelling clay and any other decorative items such as feathers, material etc…
First you bind the branches with the wool. Then you make small birds, animals and flowers out of the modelling clay. Attach these to the ends of your branches.
Kids and adults love making these trees and the process of making them is very creative and relaxing.
Display the finished trees in your house. They bring peace and good fortune to all those who view the trees.
Om mani padme hum..