I love to blog and downward dog!

My dog Elvis can do a perfect downward dog! He does about one hundred a day…each with a grace and perfection I can only dream of. He completely takes for granted his flexibility and posture in his own darling doggy way.

While we are on the topic of taking things for granted…my son questioned me about my blog last night. “Mum, what’s happening with your blog?” I looked at him with a smile. “You know that blog Mum that you used to love so much!”

So what has happened? Why haven’t I posted since March? I really don’t know…maybe it is a mixture of life being busy, maybe I feel that nobody would be interested in my travel tips and bits and pieces? Or maybe it’s a bit like my yoga poses…you stop for a while and find it hard to get back!

I have really thought about what my son said. It has made me remember that I do love my blog. Whether people read it or not I adore the process of writing which always ignites lovely memories of my past travels and experiences for me.

I have also returned to yoga with a beautiful teacher who has started teaching yoga in our town this year. Her patience and kindness has had a fantastic impact on my yoga style.
So here’s to blogging and downward dogging! I hope to do a better job at both immediately!

4 thoughts on “I love to blog and downward dog!

  1. Welcome back. I wondered what happened to you. I love reading about your travel tips and all your bits and pieces. You’re right about yoga. I haven’t been back in months and when I did go I really enjoyed it. It’s time to return.

  2. Welcome back! Of course we enjoy reading about your travels, and about you, but do the blog because you love to do it not for anyone else. That’s all I’ve got for you today šŸ™‚

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