8 thoughts on “Things that make you go…hmm!

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    Hi Laxmi…Nice photos again…Is your trip over..I saw that little vinod(airindia cartoon) on your luggage suit..saying you are flying.
    I remember this place…UB city mall and MG road mkt…I have few photos taken here & there .of banaglore city. Maybe…when I visit again we’ll do some shopping for home ..Infact I bought lights already..so excited.quiet in advance to have diwali hopefully in home@bangalore mostly next year end or so. Lets see.. But it will be quiet far from this..as its on northwestside blgr 😦 . Anyhow I shouldnt have any problems going out for shopping in blr too hehehe all shopping malls are the same.. I was looking just commuting options metro line going from east to west line…why Im always looking at metro option only wherever I go..:D . Where you stayed in bangalore ?

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