Slam dunk…your rubbish!

One of the things I adore about travelling to different places in the world is the way each country deals with common dilemmas. Disposal of rubbish is a worldwide problem. In Ubud they have come up with a cute way for people to dispose of their rubbish…old basketball hoops. These hoops are dotted all along our morning paddy field walk. They are attached low down to walls and trees for people to place their litter.

These bins really tickled our fancy, especially Rahul, who was a handy basketball player in his youth.

9 thoughts on “Slam dunk…your rubbish!

  1. good idea! A trash bin may not tempt someone, but a hoop would tempt someone to throw in their trash and try to make points.

    It reminds me of a wonderful idea in a park here in Spokane, Washington. There is a metal statue of a goat, with an open mouth. When a person comes near the goat, a vacuum is turned on. Any rubbish placed near the goat’s mouth is sucked inside! Children love this goat, and run all over the park, looking for garbage to “feed” to the goat.

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