Have fruit ~ will juggle!

I’m always amazed and impressed by people who can juggle. How about juggling and eating your juggling items at the same time? On my last trip to the Sri Narayani Vidyalaya School in Thirumalaikodi the children there got to see this live!

On my last day volunteering at the school I was accompanied by my beautiful friends Lucy and David. I had been working with the children with small bean bags all week. We had been playing games with the bean bags and trying simple two bag juggling. However when David came to school on that last day he took the juggling to a whole new level. The children sat spellbound by his juggling skills. His grand finale was juggling with three pieces of fruit which he periodically took a bite out of as he juggled.

The kids adored the act and so did we…

2 thoughts on “Have fruit ~ will juggle!

  1. You can make juggling balls just from from rice and balloons which is also a fun activity for the kids and then juggle with them once they are done. The children looked wrapped. What a fun thing to do.

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