Shops That Rock ~ Nilgiri’s…

Nilgiri’s Supermarkets have been an institution in south India since 1905. They began as a small store chain in Ooty and Coonoor and have now grown to supermarkets in 28 cities in India.

I just love going into the Bangalore store (Brigade Road) and the Pondicherry store (Rangapillai Street). They are filled with wonderful spices, tasty fresh produce and a vast array of mixed items. I can spend hours scouring the shelves to find a new spice for Rahul’s cooking.

“At the heart of great taste” is Nilgiri’s motto and I can vouch for the fact they stand firmly behind this motto. Visit one of their stores today and be amazed by the wonderful range of products they stock and the friendly staff that greet you with a smile.


8 thoughts on “Shops That Rock ~ Nilgiri’s…

  1. Hii.. Laxmi..

    In chennai, Nilgiris has many stores.. my opinion is a lil different from yours… Everytime I visit Nilgiris which is close to my house, I come back disappointed. Maximum no. of times they will not have products which I look for (they are not some elite products though) once, twice , thrice.. but everytime I go n look for the same product it will not be available and the staff too I don’t find very friendly.. they are okay okay.. (now I dont blame to Nilgiris as whole, that’s training issue but still… :O) I think the variety of products n training differs from unit to unit… ve seen the same with Westside stores too… Blore Westside will have more trendy, latest collections than Chennai Westside..

  2. Ah yes, they used to be the go-to store for everything earlier. But off late they have become more commercial and less personalised service. Changing times… 🙂

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