Do monkeys love anklets too?

Do monkeys love anklets too? I nearly found out today!
Each day I like to get five minutes sun to boost my vitamin D and today I decided to get it on the beautiful rooftop of our hotel in Tiruvannamalai. Ah…the bliss…the serenity…I closed my eyes and soaked it up. As I sat there I felt a little flutter on my ankle. I didn’t think anything of it and kept my eyes closed. Then suddenly I felt my anklet lift and my eyes sprang open. Oh my and what a sight greeted me when I did! Monkeys, monkeys everywhere! One of the little monkey’s tiny, delicate fingers was what I felt on my ankle. The monkeys stood their ground but were not at all aggressive, just very inquisitive. I laughed out loud and they all scampered off to a safer distance.
So another classic “monkey business in India” story for the diary. All the monkey photos in this post were taken at the Ramanasramam Ashram over the last few days.



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