Ramanasramam rejuvenates the soul…

“What is always there is what is called peace. Even the Vedas begin with ‘shanti’ and close with ‘shanti'”…Sri Ramana Maharshi.
Tiruvannamalai lies at the feet of one of the important sacred places of India, Mount Arunchala. Indians believe that just the mere thought of Arunchala liberates the soul. Also residing snugly at the bottom of Arunchala is the Ramanasramam Ashram. This peaceful ashram houses the samadhi of the Indian Saint, Sri Ramana Maharshi. It is a place that you must not miss on your trip of southern India.


This is my third visit to Ramanasramam. It is a small, relaxed, intimate ashram surrounded by lush greenery. Peacocks call from the trees and monkeys frolic playfully under the palms. The ashram has a lovely shop where you can buy books on the teachings of Ramana to better aquaint yourself with his wonderful, wise words.
There are two serene meditation rooms that can be utilised between 8am and 6pm each day. The ashram feeds travelling sadhus at 11am which is a wonderful event.

Standing in the ashram you can look straight up at Arunchala.

The complete feeling of peace, serenity and rejuvenation that you gain from visiting Ramanasramam lasts with you long after you leave. I feel very blessed to have spent most of today within the grounds that still resonate with the peace and kindness of Ramana…

“If one’s mind has peace, the whole world will appear peaceful.” Sri Ramana Maharshi

12 thoughts on “Ramanasramam rejuvenates the soul…

  1. You seem to be loving praying more than shopping this time?
    This post reminds me of those summer days in my childhood, as we used to take a break at this lovely serene place, enroute to Kumbakonam, to offer our evening prayers. We always used to be greeted by peacock grandeur. On a hot sultry journey, this place used to be the oasis!
    Thank you for triggering the nostalgia that takes one back happily in time.

    • Thank you for your lovely comment! It truly is an oasis of calm and peace within a bustling and busy country. I have a peacock at home and being greeted by the peacocks at Ramasramam reminded me of home 🙂 it is definitely worth a stop in Tiruvannamalai to visit the ashram ~ namaste Lakshmi x

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