My devotion caused quite a commotion!

My devotion

Men pulling carts…

The drums banged to a frenzied beat and the horns blew crazily as the noisy parade turned into our street. We stood spellbound by the sight before us. If you look closely at this set of photos you can see why we were so amazed. There were men with hooks through their backs pulling heavy carts behind them. Men swinging on trucks while hanging by hooks from the framework above. Finally a man a with a huge pitchfork piercing through both cheeks.

Suspended by hooks...

Suspended by hooks…

Theses amazing feats of bravery and mortification of the skin are all part of the Tamil Hindu festival of Thaipusam. During this ceremony the devotees show their devotion to the Tamil God of war, Murugan, by carrying different types of kavadi (burdens). The kavadi range from simple burdens such as carrying a heavy jar on your head right through to the severe kavadi demonstrated in my photos.

Note the pitchfork...

Note the pitchfork…

The kavadi is said to appease Murugan and avert any great mishaps from happening in the future. After witnessing these feats of devotion we were sure these men would be safe for years to come.

13 thoughts on “My devotion caused quite a commotion!

      • Here in Singapore! I went four times in 24 hrs. to various places around the city but mainly the temple in Little India where the procession starts. The atmosphere was electric — drumming and yelling. I didn’t expect to get so close and I wasn’t sure I’d feel comfortable taking photos, but the environment was surprisingly inclusive. I still think about it. It was amazing from start to finish and one of the most awe-inspiring things I’ve ever seen. Such memories. Hope you have a lovely day! 🙂 K.

  1. Yeah, I really don’t know where to start with this. It seems like a form of insanity to me – to have such a warped understanding of the spiritual, to be devoted to a god of war, to think this will keep you safe. Still, that’s India. Anything is possible.

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