Weekly Photo Challenge ~ From lines to patterns…

She bends carefully over the pavement with her deft fingers delicately releasing the chalk. From lines to patterns she lays down the chalk outline and fills in the shapes with vibrant colours.

These beautiful rangoli designs transform even the dullest spot. They are one the great joys of travelling in India and illustrate perfectly the impermanence of beauty and material possessions. Here one day but gone the next…

36 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge ~ From lines to patterns…

  1. Reblogged this on Flakey Blog and commented:
    wow..amazing designs…I made it last year during Diwali outside my apartment door !! using a stensil, though I know 5×5 and 5×7 Rangoli..which I learnt it yrs ago at School..Your Designs are very nice..!!

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