Don’t be a dummy…

clothing dummies

Don’t be a “dummy” when you know you have an upcoming trip to India. If you prepare well before you go you will have a much smoother and satisfying trip. I am in preparation mode now with 2 weeks to go till my trip to India. So what are some of the things you may need to remember before you leave?

~ Complete and confirm your Indian visa. Everybody who travels to India needs an Indian visa which is attached to a page in your passport. For first-timers this process can seem a little over the top. The form asks you a million questions and you must have a photo which is not passport size but a particular size just for the visa. The visa is quite expensive but let me assure you it is worth every cent. It is useful remembering that if you think you may return to India twice within 6 months it is possible to gain a double entry visa for the same cost. When I travelled to India in January I had 5 Indian visas in my passport. The Indian customs officer wiggled his head from side to side as it took a while to find the current visa.

~ Start your malaria tablets. Not everyone takes malaria tablets when they go to India however I always do. They usually need to be started a week before you go.

~ Travel Insurance. Make sure your travel insurance is up-to-date. If you need a doctor or a trip to hospital in India you will be thankful that you spent the money to insure yourself.

~ Correspondence copies. Have copies of ALL correspondence you have made for hotel bookings etc…It is always handy to have a copy of your emails if there is a problem with your booking.

~ Itinerary copies. If you are using a driver for a day of shopping or sight-seeing it is handy to have a written copy of the addresses you wish to visit.

~ Make sure you have all the little things. It is easy to forget the little things like hand sanitiser, a needle & cotton etc…

Being well prepared in India won’t stop every unforeseen obstacle but it will help to put your mind at rest…and as the old Japanese proverb says…”Don’t go to the fishpond without a net.”

10 thoughts on “Don’t be a dummy…

  1. Excellent advice from an experienced traveller, so much easier to understand. I always feel that maybe I’ve incorrectly done something OOh nightmare!!!!

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