Mind your jewellery rules!

mehndi party

Last year I took my 12-year-old niece to a jewellery store in Mamallapuram as she desperately wanted some toe rings. We keenly perused the divine silver toe rings on display. After a while the Indian owner said to me…”Why are you marrying your daughter off so young?” I of course answered that I wasn’t. He then told me that ONLY married girls wear toe rings in India! Oh my…we bought some silver anklets instead.

So the rules are:

  • Only married girls wear toe rings…a matching pair.
  • When wearing anklets you should wear two (a matching pair). Wearing one anklet DEFINITELY gives off the wrong signal…if you get my idea!
  • A handy tip…if you lose an anklet while in India you can trade in your old silver anklet at any jewellers. They will weigh it and give you the value of the silver of that anklet off your new purchase of a pair of anklets.

Wearing lots of jewellery in India is fun…the more the merrier! Padma always comments that she can hear me approaching at about 200 paces because of all my janging! So dig out your anklets, bangles and earring and jingle your way around India.

19 thoughts on “Mind your jewellery rules!

  1. What is with one anklet? I used to wear jasmin on my hands (in my hair they look like cereal after one hour) and after some time I got that wear jasmin on your wrist wasn’t that appropriate.. but I never got the one anklet thing.

    Btw. LOVE your blog!! Especially the background.. Awesomesauce!!

    • Years ago in Trichy I lost one anklet and so was only wearing one. A gorgeous Indian lady and I got chatting in a restaurant one day and she commented on my one anklet and how inappropriate it was…so I have always worn two since that day. She was the one who also gave me the tip about selling your single anklet 🙂 thanks for dropping by and your sweet comments ~ Lakshmi x

  2. I don’t blame you at all! Even if you are from India, it’s very common to not know the customs of another region. I started wearing a toe ring in high school and when I went to study in Chennai for a couple of years after that, a professor of mine stopped at my desk and asked me if I was married. I was completely horrified. I thought he was making a pass at me! But when he saw the look on my face, he quickly explained the toe ring custom to me. He did seem rather annoyed that I was unaware of it!!

  3. I read about the toe ring and married women connection. Apparently the nerve end in the toe is connected to reproductive organs. The silver toe ring keeps the nerve end stimulated, silver is a good conductor and ensures fertility blah blah…and hence the connection….

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