Thought for the day…

Indian cow

Yesterday I was spring cleaning a few cupboards and I discovered an old travel diary belonging to one of my sons from when he was six. We have had a lot of joy reading it together. My thought for the day to day is a direct quote from the diary. The joy of the wisdom of six year olds!

“Love makes you happy and joyful. If you love someone it makes them feel happy and makes you feel happy inside. Love is the meaning of happiness.”

12 thoughts on “Thought for the day…

    • We were so delighted to find the diary. It just shows how amazing diaries are to read and the things we forget if not written down. He had jotted down so many cute notes in it…he’s still a very loving young man now which is a bonus too 🙂 have a great day ~ Lakshmi x

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! Otherwise I would not have found yours…. which is delightful. I was just watching a great documentary on lost underwater cities off the coast of India. What an amazing history… I had to leave however before it was over, but I do love the History Chanel and how it brings to light so much I want not aware of before or had just not thought of in a particular slant. 😀

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