How to make your own mala…easy peasy…

mala 4

I have recently discovered the complete joy of making malas. And guess what…it’s really easy! So why make your own mala?

  • You can choose exactly the colour, type and size of beads you want.
  • You can personalise your mala to be a little part of you.
  • You can give malas as “gifts made with love” to your friends and family.
  • Saying your mantra as you make your mala imbues the mala with special intention.
  • You will be the envy of everyone in your yoga class even if you can’t do a head-stand!

Watching a video is a great way to instantly get a feel for making a mala. I watched the following video on You Tube and it really helped to get me started.

mala 7

What you need to make your mala:

  • beading board (optional)
  • 104 beads, 4 marker beads, 1 guru bead (large bead for bottom of your mala)
  • beading cord, beading needle (I have just purchased some Griffin beading cord that has the needle attached).
  • beading pliers (or house pliers)
  • cotton thread for tassel
  • scissors

Mala layout…

Mala making instructions:

  • Lay out your beads in the order you desire. Make sure you double check with your counting to make sure your have the 108 beads + 1 guru bead.
  • Cut your beading cord to 2 metres. Or if you use the beading cord with attached needle it is already the perfect length.
  • Leave a length of 8 cm before knotting ready for beading.
  • Start threading on beads knotting between each one (this is shown on the above video)
  • Thread on and knot 6 beads then thread and knot the marker bead (I make this bead a different colour). Then thread on and knot 13 more beads and then the marker bead. Continue as shown on my diagram above.
  • I use a slightly different technique in ending my mala to the video. Once you have threaded on the 108 beads bring the 8cm piece of string (you left this free before starting your mala) to the end string and thread both pieces of string through the guru bead. Then tie these two strings through your tassel. I feel it gives a much neater and secure finish to your mala.
Some tassels I made yesterday...

Some tassels I made yesterday…

How to make a tassel:

  • Wrap embroidery string around a folded small piece of cardboard till desired thickness of tassel. Cut through the bottom of one edge.
  • Tie the two ends of your beading cord around the middle of your tassel with a double knot.
  • Flatten tassel over this knot.
  • Secure tassel by binding the top of it with about 15cm of embroidery cotton of same colour.

For a very easy lesson on making tassels I watched the following video on You Tube.

I really hope this will inspire you to have a go at making your own mala. I can assure you it will be a wonderful experience.

Some of my recently made malas…

19 thoughts on “How to make your own mala…easy peasy…

  1. Reblogged this on Flakey Blog and commented:
    What my thoughts are : I wanted to make some bracelet for someone special, will find it soon 😉 … but idea is quiet similar what you posted here…but it will be more of alphabets with our names written. When I went to JoAnn’s I saw those dice shaped with alphabets engraved on them. I wanted to gift that as a band of lovely committed relationship Lolz no matter how much citcric it would be hehehe 😀

  2. I must come back and read this.. Looks so sweet. I have never made my own mala.. Sorry I am not able to read right now.. This next few weeks are too busy for my mind to settle and read.. But I know I will love your blog —- eve xxxx p.s. I do remember Sai Baba creating malas (they were crystal and shiny.) I first visited him in 1990. I owned a flat in Puttaparthi until this year. I sold it last Feb.

    • Malas are so fun to make 🙂 I saw Swami 6 times which I was very fortunate to have done. I still love to visit Putta even after his passing as we have some darling friends there. I now visit Sri Sakthi Amma in Vellore. Lots of Sai Baba devotees go there too 🙂 it is amazing x

  3. Awesome tutorial thank you so much!!! I just finished mine last nite, the only thing though…it’s sooo long lol. Did this happen to somebody else too?

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