Soap Story…

Soaps straight from heaven...

Soaps straight from heaven…

There are many things in India which you may become addicted to…one of my addictions is Indian soap.

Yes you may think me strange but once you shower with them you will be addicted too! Everyone I have given them to as gifts ALWAYS asks for more!

The two gold winning favourites are:


“Recommended in ancient ayurvedic texts for skin care and excellent for the complexion” the box boasts.  It promises to “leave your skin glowing, soft and blemish free, forever youthful and beautiful” ~ what more could you ask for? Its divine sandalwood aroma will fill your bathroom with a heavenly fragrance.


Medimix is a handmade ayurvedic soap with 18 herbs. It is “effective for skin problems” and just generally feeling a million dollars! They are available at all chemists and supermarkets. They are also often the guest soap in many hotels…YIPPEE…

15 thoughts on “Soap Story…

  1. Mysore Sandal Soap.. yes It indeed makes your day.. Medimix.. I’m also a fan of it… but makes my skin dry.. probably it’s only me.. so was made to stop using this soap 😦 I like Moti Soap also, If you remember.. That was also a favorite at my home 🙂

  2. There are so many things I can’t do without. My list include ma Indian Tatatea, coffee made in India, face wash, my Indian soaps, shampoo and whenever I travel, I fill ma luggage with those stuffs

  3. Great post! I so agree with this although I haven’t traveled to India. However, I love to shop in Indian grocery stores in the US. I’ve become hooked to Vatika DermoViva, which I bought because I thought the claim of it being “fairness soap” was fascinating. It took me a while to get used to the saffron, sandalwood and turmeric mixture, but now I love it and don’t really feel like I’ve woken up until I shower with it.

    I can only imagine how addicted I would become to soaps purchased in India. Hopefully, I’ll find out some day!

    • Ah the “fairness soaps”…there are lots of fairness creams in India too! I totally agree that a good soap gives you a perfect start to the day. I hope you do get to India one day Steph. Thanks for dropping by 🙂 Lakshmi x

  4. Oh, Indian soaps! I’ve been lucky to try a few handmade ones — yogurt, basil, sandalwood, lavender, neem. I have a skin condition called psoriasis, and my latest experiment is Margo neem soap. It smells far from pleasant but it has come highly recommended.

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