Happy and healthy in India…

A coconut a day...keeps the Delhi belly away...

There are lots of ways for the happy traveller to keep healthy in India. Here are a few tips:

  • ONLY drink BOTTLED water at ALL times! I even clean my teeth in it!
  • Don’t order drinks with ice…the water that made the cubes may not be bottled water.
  • A coconut a day keeps the Delhi belly away. Well it works for me so give it a try.
  • Nearly all restaurants/cafes have “hand wash” facilities. USE THEM ~ no matter how they look. Then use a liberal splash of antibacterial hand wash. Himalaya sell a great one which can be found in most chemists and supermarkets in India.
  • Parex tablets by Metagenics (you need a naturopath to prescribe it) can be taken after meals.  It is a potent  anti-parasitic herbal combination to keep the stomach bugs at bay.
  • BioMedica TriFlora is a good probiotic that does not require refrigeration and helps to keep your tummy healthy.
  • For more simple ailments (such as constipation or a cold) try the Himalaya Ayurvedic products sold in chemists and supermarkets in India. They have a huge range of marvellous remedies.
  • If you unfortunately get sick call or get your hotel to call a doctor right away. In my experience house calls are not expensive in India. The doctor will prescribe medications that will cure your ailments in a jiffy. Medications are so cheap that it will make you weep when you next purchase something from your own chemist at home. Years ago I tried treating my son for a stomach bug in India with drugs brought from home. After two days vomiting and the tablets having no effect I called for a doctor. After taking the Indian medications for six hours he got up and asked for a hot chocolate! The doctor was a darling, the house call cost me $10 and the five different medications were $6.

Most of all REMEMBER you are in INDIA. You are there to experience the sights, tastes and smells of India itself ~ so try eating and sampling Indian foods. Leave the familiar items on the menu like a chicken sandwich till you get home…and try the malai koftas instead. You never know you might just find your new favourite food!

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