Wow…my blog is 12 months old!

Thank you...


Today is a momentous day for me and a day I feel very proud of. Twelve months ago today I started this blog not knowing where it would go or even if I had enough to write about. I had a few doubters when I started with comments such as “Oh Lakshmi…a travel blog? What next!” but I blundered into the world of blogging full of hope and happiness regardless. And guess what…after twelve months of blogging I’m still filled with hope and happiness.

I started this blog as I always found it hard to find great tips on travelling in India. I love to squirrel around in places and find lots of interesting spots everywhere I visit and I felt I had something to offer. It gives me immense pleasure to pass these tips onto you. I have expanded my blog slightly to incorporate other places I visit during the year besides India.


  • The absolutely wonderful, interesting and engaging people I have met on my blogging travels. You all inspire me, cheer me on and keep me buoyed with your comments and tips.
  • Following and reading some amazing blogs on a vast range of topics has been a huge highlight. I’m always quoting to Rahul something I have read on a blog that I follow.
  • Pushing myself to be a better writer and photographer each day. I’m still learning but having lots of fun doing so.
  • I know it sounds reward driven but I do adore your sweet comments and likes. They help to show me what you are interested in and what you might like more of.
  • It is a great way for me to document my year…to see where I’ve been and what I’ve done.


  • There are none!

So where to from here? I would love your comments and feedback on things you like, dislike about my blog. What would you like more or less of?

When I looked back at my early posts many of them had no likes, no comments and very few people reading them because it was a new blog. I hope to republish some of these posts over the next few months as some have some interesting and useful information in them.

So my tip to anyone wanting to start a blog is this ~ grab Ganesha ~ remove those obstacles and go, go, go!

51 thoughts on “Wow…my blog is 12 months old!

  1. Congratulations! I have to say , as I approach my milestone, I find that I have been improving my writing as well. There’s nothing like a daily post to assure that. I have a ways to go, I admit, but I’m more confident than I was a year ago!
    I hope you treated yourself! 🙂

  2. congr8’s your posts are always interesting and you have amazing photos…!!! Even though we are countries apart but following your blog so closely looks like I have made good friends out here !!! Keep it up !!

  3. Congratulations and very well done! Your warm personality shines through on your blog and that is very appealing…. the content is always great too 🙂

  4. Congratulations, Lakshmi on your one year anniversary. Your anniversary and my birthday fall on the same day. There must be some significance to that but I’m not sure what. I’ve enjoyed your blog and continue to follow you faithfully. Thank you for following mine.

    • Thank you so much Sue Ann…you are a very treasured blogging friend. I always really appreciate your comments and thoughts. You know I adore your blog too. People like you make blogging so worthwhile 🙂 Lakshmi x

  5. Love the blog, such beautiful pics, lovely places, but most of all that the blog is such a happy, peaceful place.

    May we see many many more posts in the next year!

    • I love how we have been following each other for so long. I feel I have been part of your journey and you of mine 🙂 I agree blogging has changed me…it is a part of my life that I really cherish. Thank you for being a part of the Lakshmi Loves To Shop year 🙂 Lakshmi xx

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