I’m on the stairway to paradise…

“Ma, let’s climb that thing!” cried my boys as they pointed excitedly to the imposing rock they could see from the car window. From miles out of Tiruchirapalli (Trichy) we could see the 83 metre high rock fort and temple which is situated in the heart of the city.

So climb it we did! We got up early the next day and caught an auto-rickshaw to the base of the temple. When we arrived people were already carrying their offerings of flowers and beginning the climb up the stone stairs to the top. The rock houses many temples which you can visit on your ascent. The two-storey rock cut temple in the middle was carved in the Pallave Era and is dazzling in its construction. However my boys didn’t come for the temple half way up, they came to get to the very top, so on we climbed.

The Ucchi Pillayar Temple is located right at the top of the rock and is dedicated to Lord Ganesh. My boys raising their arms in happiness upon reaching the top made many pilgrims smile and pat them on the back. Standing on the top gave us a spectacular view over Trichy and lots of circling eagles.

On the way down the boys trawled through the religious relic and trinket stalls within the complex (one of their favourite pastimes). We all enjoyed chatting and smiling to people along the way. At the bottom of the fort we enjoyed a well deserved bottle of Mirinda, even if it was a little warm.

When next visiting Trichy make sure you climb the stairs to Ganesh and enjoy the view.

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