Generating Randomness

Rarasaur gives some great tips on creating a random post button for your blog in this fantastic post.


Earlier this week, I went around hitting the “Random post” button at various blogs. I had such a good time with it that I thought, “I need to make an easy way for people to do this on my blog.”

I needed a button– and I had my heart set on a DRD (Diagnostic Repair Drone) from Farscape. In my mind, we’d ask him to fetch us an archive post and he’d scuttle off to do so. Obviously, since it’s a still button, there would be no scuttling in real life. Only in my imagination.

Once I turned my favorite DRD into a little archive-fetching bot, I asked Dave if he wanted a button, too.  He did, but he wanted a Delorean.

One thing led to another, and now I have a little stash of these buttons, so I thought I’d share.  Feel free to grab any, if you’d like…

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