My suitcase is making me very excited…

travel suitcase

Some people believe that your holiday starts once you arrive at your destination. Not me! As soon as I start to plan my trip I begin to get very excited about all the wonderful places I will visit, people I will meet and of course all those new shops to find.

When the departure date approaches and I get out the suitcase my anticipation reaches fever pitch. Just looking at my old case makes my mind race with all the possibilities of a new trip. This week I have been packing for Rahul and my trip to New Zealand. We are travelling with our great friends Sunny and Sita. I can’t wait for tomorrow…

21 thoughts on “My suitcase is making me very excited…

  1. Bon voyage! I hope your travels are full of adventure. I see you are accompanied by Krishna, maybe I would be taking Ganesh along too!

  2. oh great ….New Zealand is my dream destination…please do let me know how much did the entire trip cost and did u book any package for the same….

    Happy journey and have a awesome time 🙂

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