Bhel Puri (Bhel-Poori/Churumuri/Jhal Muri)

Mmm…I adore bhel puri..yum yum…I am salivating just looking at this lovely post by Shobhnaa. Please check out her lovely blog ~ Lakshmi x


Eating Bhel in the lovely awesome monsoon weather! What a delightful moment to live in. I was also relishing the tangy-sweet-spicy flavor of crunchy-munchy bhel puri in awesome mausam (weather). Experience was very pleasing. Make your rains also special with the pleasing platter of Bhel Puri.  Bhel Puri (Bhel-Poori/Churumuri/Jhal Muri)

Bhel Puri is thought to be originated in Gujarati Cafes or in street food stalls of Mumbai. Thought to be a Gujarati snack or street food, it has got perfect balance of sweet, tart and savory flavors. Various adaptations are given to the snack in various places and is also named variously at various regions. Like in Mumbai/Bombay it is called “Bhel”, in Kolkata, it is called Jhal-Muri, in Odisha it is Jhal- Mudhi and in Bangalore it has got name “Churmuri”. Names and variant forms may differ but the indulgence to your taste buds would be invariably scrumptious in its each bite everywhere.

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