Travancore Sisters

I have two sisters and this darling photo reminds me of us all together. Vintage Saree Blouse is a blog that I absolutely adore…I know you’ll love it too…

Vintage Indian Clothing


The Travancore Sisters were a famous dancing trio and one of them, Padmini, was a major star in South Indian cinema and also acted in Hindi films.

Betsy Woodman’s family lived next door to the sisters and her blog is full of fascinating details about both expat life in India in the 50s (her mother also learnt dance while in India) and the everyday lives of the sisters. The picture here is from her family album and appears thanks to her.  I love the matched nature of the outfits, the little embroidery details on the blouses. And am wondering if the brassiere (really an inner bodice) is handmade as was quite common back then.

Used by permission of the Woodman family – source here.

PS: The sisters dancing in an early film.

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8 thoughts on “Travancore Sisters

  1. Thank you so so much for the reblog! I am much obliged to Betsy for this pic, she has a fabulous collection of old pics from her time in India. There is something special about Three Sisters:)

    I adore your pictures too-I can’t wait to check out all your recommendations when I go to India!

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