Not just a magnetic personality…


Magnet therapy…

We always joke with my husband Rahul about his “magnetic personality”. He has a profound knack of attracting people to him just like the most powerful magnet without even trying. However yesterday that magnetic force needed a little boost.

Rahul came home from work last night with a big booming headache. I know it is easy to hit a headache with paracetamol tablets but Rahul and I are very keen on the “alternative or complimentary therapies” so we tried a different method.

A few years ago in India I bought some low powered magnets and a wonderful book called “Be your own doctor with magnet therapy” by Dr D. R. Gala. Since then I have successfully used the magnets for innumerable ailments. Magnets work by restoring the natural vibratory frequency to the body. The electromagnetic waves provided by magnets are capable of deep penetration in the body. When magnets are placed on the body the regeneration process immediately begins on that part of the body.

How to get rid of a headache with magnets…

  • Place the south pole of a weak magnet on the forehead for 15 minutes or longer if required. Usually one treatment will rid you of your headache however the treatment may be repeated after and hour or so.

So back to Rahul…he laid on the lounge and after a few minutes with the magnet on his forehead the pounding had ceased and after twenty minutes his headache had completely subsided. A full recovery without any tablets or cost. Yay…Rahul was back to his normal cheeky self and magnets saved the day again.

More magnet treatments to follow.


10 thoughts on “Not just a magnetic personality…

  1. Thanks for this post. An interesting method of treating health Issues. this technique sounds far superior to putting chemicals into the precious body 🙂

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