“California Dreaming” With A Young Indian Filmmaker, Chandresh Bhatt

I just adore Indian movies and television. My lovely friend Anne posted this fantastic story about a young Indian filmmaker she knows…


bollywood-logo1  How did I meet an aspiring Indian filmmaker? Read my post “We Are Really Rock Stars. . .  Action TV Stars” for the details.  The students and I were invited to be tourists playing tourists in two episodes of a very popular Indian action TV  show called Shapath-Sabe Bado Talaaph. Chandresh Bhatt was the line producer for these episodes. He was in charge of the actors, extras, transportation, food, timing and just about all the details needed to run seamlessly for the shoot to be successful.551871_10151525706813838_724174552_n

Chandresh on the phone at the shoot.  The star is in the blue shirt. Shooting was  at Adalaj Ni Vav step well near Amedabad.

When I wrote my post on entrepreneurs in India, I thought it would be fun to add and independent Indian filmmaker. After all, Bollywood is now the world’s largest producers of film. In 2012, there were 155 Indian films released…

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