India – Part 14: Varanasi, the holy city of Benares

Padma and I definitely have Varanasi on our “must-see” list for our trip this year. This delightful post from my well-travelled friend Alison perfectly captures amazing Varanasi…Namaste…

Adventures in Wonderland

December 2-8, 2012. I’m glad Varanasi was the last stop on our six-week odyssey through India. Everywhere else we’ve been, including the camel fair in Pushkar, has been amazing and exciting and enriching in many ways, but nothing compares with Varanasi. It is a holy city on a holy river. Nowhere else in the world is a river worshipped as a god, and that sense of devotion pervades Varanasi. It is a special place, and everyone who lives here knows it. And many come from all over India to live here because of it. We’d saved the best ‘til last. Varanasi is jaw dropping; more than any other city we’d visited in India.

It was only after arriving that I found out I was in Benares, a city I’d known about for years. When I say “known about” I mean that it had crept somewhere into the depths of my…

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