Cool Cafes ~ Kashi Art Cafe…Fort Cochin

If you venture into the cute Burgher Street in Fort Cochin, India you will discover the heavenly Kashi Art Cafe. This cafe/gallery has been open for sixteen fantastic years. My mother Padma and I first visited it in 1998 and then again last year. When we entered its welcoming doors last year Padma and I were delighted and relieved to find it had lost none of its charm or its tasty menu.

At the front of the Kashi Art Cafe is a gallery that has very interesting exhibitions by local artists and artists from throughout India. After walking through the gallery you enter the light and lovely courtyard. The stone tables and chairs and scattered sculptures create a unique, arty space to chat and enjoy a light meal.

Now to the food…mmm…delicious is the only word that comes to mind. They have a small but yummy menu with the highlights being the uplifting ayurvedic lime sodas and the “made-daily” chocolate cake with chocolate sauce. And the best part…they are open seven days a week from 8.30am to 7.30pm…YIPPEE!

So when you are next in Fort Cochin make sure you scoot into the Kashi Art Cafe for a lunch to remember.

13 thoughts on “Cool Cafes ~ Kashi Art Cafe…Fort Cochin

  1. I’ve been there years ago and thought the place was like a breath of fresh air – you can almost hear the collective sigh of people entering this oasis 🙂
    Your photos make me want to go back!!!

    • That me makes me so happy that the photos reminded you of your holiday there 🙂 I totally agree about the sigh of happiness as you enter…

    • I’m getting sad as I type this just thinking about those Ayurvedic lime sodas…my favourite 🙂 Thanks, as always, for your support…

  2. Hey Kashi!! we go thr often.. awesome place.. there r lotsa awesome cafes in fort cochin.. we have an cafe, with a recording studio and art gallery called Springr on Bazaar road in Mattancherry…. do come down when ur in Cochin next time!

  3. Thanks for the Kashi Art Cafe recommendation. I am traveling from Los Angeles, California, USA to India in February and will definitely check out this cafe! We love art and good food! xxx

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