Great ways to travel ~ the Indian ferry…

“We are the boat, we are the sea. I sail in you, you sail in me”…Lorre Wyatt

One of the fantastic ways to travel in Kerala is by ferry boat. This leisurely transport is the ideal way to see the sights and reach interesting points of interest in the Keralan backwaters.

On our last trip to Kerala Padma and I spent our 10 rupees and had a wonderful trip from Fort Cochin to Ernakulum. Not only was the trip relaxed and scenic but it allowed us to be a part of everyday life in India. I have always loved “people watching” and travelling on the ferry gives you a perfect opportunity to do this. One sight which really gave us a laugh was a sweet young man who was travelling with his bike. His brand of jeans really made us smile as you can see below.


“Hunkstar” has now entered our vocabulary and I love to call Rahul my Hunkstar! This is a perfect example of why I love India so much…the smallest sights can really delight your imagination and sense of humour.

4 thoughts on “Great ways to travel ~ the Indian ferry…

  1. Nice post,,,, I too have taken the same ride in Cochin along with my friends. Its really a wonderful experience. Thank you very much…. Best wishes.. have a great day

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