Adorable Anokhi…

One of my favourite places to shop in India is at Anokhi. On my last trip I took these photos in the Fort Cochin Anokhi store. As you can see it was jammed packed with delightful things to buy.

Anokhi uses vegetable dyes, wood-block printed onto the finest of cottons. Some of the wonderful things you will find in their stores are:

  • Men’s kurta tops and long trousers.
  • A stunning range of women’s fashion.
  • Cute pyjamas and dressing gowns.
  • Divine quilts, tablecloths and napkins.
  • Lovely gift items such as small quilted purses, hankies, scarves and bags.
  • A small selection of unique jewellery.

I always recommend people who are travelling to India for the first time to wait until they arrive in India to purchase their clothes to wear in India. You can buy comfortable outfits perfectly suited to the Indian culture and climate at a fraction of what you would pay back home.

Anokhi can be found in :
















Do look them up when next in India. You will leave the store with your purse a little lighter but with an eye-catching outfit that will keep you smiling all day.

13 thoughts on “Adorable Anokhi…

  1. I love Anokhi too! In fact, custom made ethnic outfits were the default dressing for me till a few years ago. But good tailors are becoming hard to find and Anokhi provides a delectable option. So now my wardrobe is split half and half…thanks for the lovely pictures!

    • My wardrobe too is bursting with Anokhi…but I always seem to find something else I MUST have each time I visit 🙂 thank you for dropping by…

  2. I am currently inlove with Anokhi, they just opened a shop near our place , I am buying tops and linens from them now instead of buying from fabindia. Beautiful pics.

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  4. All those prints and colours! It’s amazing! 😀 I love textiles and different kinds of fabric…that is like heaven! ^^

  5. Just stumbled upon your blog through one of your comments. Absolutely love the colors and vibrancy in your blog. And of course, I love Anokhi too…I love their super super soft kaftans…i can live in them. I also love their silver jewellery. (via Amrapali)

  6. I just happened to stumble in the Anokhi store in Kolkata and after that every city I went where I knew they had an Anokhi store, I would stop by and pick up a little something! I have just got back from my India trip with a bagful of Anokhi treasures! Lovely site you have here. Glad to come across it.

    Newest Anokhi Fan 😀

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