Proud to be working hard…


Last November I was volunteer teaching at the Sri Narayani Vidyalaya School in Thirumalaikodi, India. On my way to class I photographed these children waiting to show Principal Ramesh their wonderful zoo assignments. You can see from their faces how proud they were of their hard work.

The majority of children at this school are from very poor backgrounds and are the first person in their family to get a formal education. These children have a burning desire to succeed and to try their hardest. We could all take a leaf out of their book. Let’s all strive to put our best foot forward today and enjoy doing it too!



11 thoughts on “Proud to be working hard…

  1. Oh they are just adorable and such great projects! What a great thing for you to have done. I’m always trying explain to my kids how lucky they are, but of course they don’t really have an understanding of how much they have relative to kids like these.

    • My boys have visited this school and it had a huge impact on them! It is good to see these wonderful children succceeding and teaching them is an absolute joy because they try SO hard 🙂

  2. Children with so much hope with so little, comparatively. Their imagination, skill, and wonderment seen in their zoo projects are what needs to be nurtured for continuance. I wish them that. I really enjoyed looking at their projects…so amazing!

  3. We love your photos …. oh these kids are so gorgeous. I am about to join an organisation that feeds South African Children who have no lunch to take to school. And seldom any breakfast either. Makes my day to see smiling faces and happy kids.

    • That sounds wonderful…we are so fortunate with our lives and it is so important to help others who need it! Volunteering in that school is pure joy for me as everyone WANTS to learn. Thank you for your lovely words 🙂

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