The serene and sensational sari…

A few months ago I did a post on how to wear a sari ~ I just adore them.

One of my greatest joys in India is admiring and wondering at the beauty of the Indian sari. It is almost impossible to see the same sari twice in India. So why do I love them so much?

  • They suit all shapes and sizes…everyone looks great in a sari.
  • They are so feminine and wearing one makes you feel fantastic.
  • Their colours and designs are always individual and intricate.
  • They brighten up even the dullest day with their colour and beauty.

Above are some of the amazing saris I have seen over the years. I’m sure you’ll agree they are truly beautiful…

15 thoughts on “The serene and sensational sari…

  1. One of the things I was most captivated by while in Delhi were the myriad women flaunting sparkling, chromatic saris. Such an incredible sight and contrast to their oftentimes gritty surroundings.

  2. I wore a sari to a site visit yesterday, not something I do often. There I was traipsing around and over construction debris in my crisp cotton sari. Loved it! And then I saw this post! Amazing, isn’t it? Thanks for the lovely pics!

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