An Ashram Secret ~ they have shops!

Satyananda Ashram shop at Mangrove Mountain, NSW, Australia…

As you know I adore India, shopping and spirituality. Is it possible to combine all three? Well…I’m going to let you in on a little secret…YES…ashrams have shops too!

Amazingly enough nearly every ashram I have visited has its own little shop…WOW…When I discovered this I was very excited. I mean if the ashram says it’s OK to shop then it must be ~ right? So what is in an ashram shop? Well they vary from ashram to ashram but some of the things you will find are:

  • Books and information on the guru or organisation based at that ashram.
  • Spiritual literature, CD’s and DVD’s.
  • Japa malas and jewellery.
  • Items for your shrine ~ statues, incense, puja items.
  • Clothing.

At the Sripuram Ashram I visit in India each year they have a darling little shop that sells divine kurta tops, little bags and gifts. These are all made by a co-operative of disadvantaged women. All money raised from this shop goes directly to the ladies and their families.

I’ve spoken before about being on the spiritual path and having a ceiling on the desires. We all know that living a yogic lifestyle should include tapas. Tapas is the process of removing our dependence on ease, indulgence, consumption and yes shopping too. However it is very tempting when you finish your yoga class and shop sign says OPEN. Maybe when I’m next doing yoga-nidra and I am directed to think of my sankalpa (a resolution) I could work on NO SHOPPING! On the other hand ~ mmm…wouldn’t that cute statue look great on my shrine…

8 thoughts on “An Ashram Secret ~ they have shops!

  1. Too funny. I struggle with the same sorts of conundrums in my faith as well. It’s weird to me that so much of the Western expression of my faith (Christianity) is so “stuff-oriented” and capitalistic. On the other hand, I like shopping, too, and I also like selling stuff!

    • I really agree…and even though I love shopping I could give anything away. People get shocked if I offer to give them things but I love feeling that detachment from objects 🙂

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