Half-day trip from Madurai…

A lovely half-day trip from Madurai is to visit the Hindu temple at Tirupparakunram. It is located 8kms southwest of Madurai against a huge, sheer sided hill. The temple is revered as one of Shiva’s six abodes. The temple is very old and atmospheric and is built around an 8th century shrine cut into the rock 35 metres up the rock face. We engaged a very old but cute guide to explain all the areas of the temple to us. Be firm about your agreed price as our guide wanted to haggle after our delightful tour.

After visiting the temple you can drive just down the road and take the steep staircase to the temple on the top of the hill. It is a sweaty climb but the view is spectacular and well worth it. At the top you can get a blessing from the temple priest and watch the monkeys frolic and play.

7 thoughts on “Half-day trip from Madurai…

    • Jennifer you have given me a great idea for a post…everywhere in India you see washing being dried in the most amazing places. These men were hauling this washing up from where it was being washed in the river below by the women 🙂

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