Together we can make a difference…

My talented, musical friend, Ross Green of Music Seeds International, has created these two new wonderful videos. Ross is an expert at composing music with children about topics that are meaningful to the children themselves. He has been in India for three months recording this footage and writing the song with the children. The videos capture delightfully how children in India at the Sri Narayani Vidyalaya School are starting a “green revolution” and want to clean up India. The first is in English and the second extended version is in Tamil.

It is such an important cause. I would really appreciate it if you could please share the link with your friends and family and spread the Green Sakthi message:

More on Green Sakthi to come in future posts.

6 thoughts on “Together we can make a difference…

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  2. Any friend of Ross’s is a friend of ours! Is that how you found our blog?
    And Tomas reblogged – how wonderful. We just got his first newsletter – I hope all this exposure gets him some funding.

    Thanks for visiting and for the likes on the Koh Samui and serendipity posts.
    I also love India, Don not so much although he had an amazing time there and would not have missed it.

    • Yes…we met darling Ross at the Sripuram Ashram in India last year. He serenaded us with Moon River when we left! I got his newsletter yesterday too. It is great to connect with you both ~ Lakshmi x

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