Getting into the spirit…

The best thing about attending any type of festival is that you get to sample lots of different styles of what is on offer. Sometimes you will attend a session that you adore, one that you don’t like at all or one that gives you some new perspective. The 2013 Sydney Spirit Festival delivered all of these last weekend.

My favourites of the weekend were:

  • Edo and Jo and their mood lifting kirtan singing.
  • The surroundings of the lovely Satyananda Ashram…peaceful grounds and gardens and magic vibrations.
  • The interesting people I met.
  • The scrumptious vegetarian food provided by the Satyananda kitchen.
  • Being involved in “karma yoga”
  • Simon Borg Oliver’s yoga classes which worked on making the spine more supple.
  • Adult face painting…sweet Elfie painted a pink peacock feather on my forehead.
  • The Satyananda shop ~ of course…
  • Yoga nidra meditation.

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