Shopping in Puttaparthi, India…

Puttaparthi shoe shop owner and cobbler...

Puttaparthi shoe shop owner and cobbler…

I know, I know…you are in India on a spiritual search…you are staying at an ashram…and you should be completely focused on the guru. However some of us, especially those like me without a ceiling on the desires, like to do a bit of shopping too.

And let me tell you…it is very hard to resist. This is because around many ashrams in India great little shops have sprung up due to the large numbers of people, both Indian and foreign, visiting the ashram. Puttaparthi is a perfect example of this. What was once a tiny village is now a thriving town. Sai Baba’s death has reduced the number of shops but there are still many to visit.

The main streets for shopping in Puttaparthi are Puttaparthi Main Road, Chitravati Road and Samadhi Road.

World Peace Cafe and German Bakery...

World Peace Cafe and German Bakery…

There are two great places to eat in Puttaparthi outside of the ashram. The first is the World Peace Cafe and German Bakery upstairs in the Main Road straight across from the ashram. Here you can sit in the lovely airy rooftop cafe or lounge on the cushions in the rooftop booth. The meals are cheap and very tasty. Our favourite is the thin and divine banana pancakes with honey drizzled on the top….mmmm my mouth is watering just remembering them! Their wonderful bakery sells lots of tempting baked treats. The second is the Sai Towers Hotel Vegetarian Restaurant (3/604 Main Road). It too is found just across from the ashram. Our family just adore this restaurant. The Indian menu is extensive and divine. They also have some tasty western meals ~ the vegie burger is a standout. One of the highlights are the endearing waiters who are so sweet and always remember us from year to year when we visit.

Sai Towers also has two shops within its complex. The Sai Towers Book Shop has an extensive range of books on nearly every God, Goddess, Guru, Avatar or Mystic you could name. It also has some wonderful books on alternate health and medicine such as Ayurveda, magnet therapy and reiki just to name a few. There is a lovely Gift Shop with fantastic gifts for those at home such as jewellery, statues and paintings. One year I got some lovely antique enamel ladles here which were very cute.

Straight across the road from Sai Towers in Main Road is a wonderful tiny shoe shop with quirky Indian made shoes and sandals. The lovely cobbler there can mend the sandals on the spot if they need altering.

Right next door to the World Peace Cafe is the quaint Blue Dragon Gallery (SRS Complex, Main Road). Here you can buy amazing Tibetan artworks, jewellery and handmade felt goods such as slippers, puppets purses etc… They also have a wide range of uplifting Tibetan and Buddhist music to buy.

Entance to Blue Dragon Gallery..

Entrance to the Blue Dragon Gallery…

A short walk down the main road from the ashram is the Sathya Sai Super Bazaar. This big supermarket has all your needs plus more. It sells a large array of Ayurvedic medicines and books and their stainless steel section is vast.

The Chitravati Road is wonderful for shopping especially for jewellery. You will find all the Tibetan jewellers here. They sell amazing silver jewellery at very reasonable prices. They also sell lots of Tibetan and Buddhist trinkets which are fun to look through. The Little Tibet Gift Centre is especially good. Choten can make bead jewellery there for you on request.

Choten busy at work at the Little Tibet Gift Centre...

Choten busy at work at the Little Tibet Gift Centre…

Craft Kings is located in the Chitravati Road and is great for Indian goods such as paintings, cushions, ornaments etc.. Ganesh is extremely helpful and his prices are fair. Outside his shops sits a lovely old perfume man. Here you can buy aromatic oils and perfumes very cheaply. You can choose the size you would like and the bottles are collector items themselves! The patchouli and amber are especially good. Last time I was there he gave me a free bottle of Blue Moon oil because ” a customer as good as you Madam only comes along every blue moon”…so sweet!

The Samadhi Road is an interesting place for shopping. We have nicknamed it the “religious relics road” as the tiny shops here are jammed packed full of religious statues, jewellery, bangles, brass wear etc… There are hours of fun trinketing to be had in the Samadhi Road.

Puttaparthi also has many internet cafes, money changers, banks, chemists and a post office. There is a lovely Library a short stroll from the ashram called the Shanti Library which is well worth a visit.

I hope this helps you to shop up a storm in Puttaparthi…

8 thoughts on “Shopping in Puttaparthi, India…

  1. I have wondered what happened to Puttaparthi after Sai Baba’s death, but it sounds like things are running as usual. Sounds like a great place to do Christmas shopping for next year.

    • Things have definitely quietened down in Puttaparthi since Sai Baba’s death. I haven’t been for a while but I know from a close friend that all these places are still open 🙂

  2. Sounds like fun to me. I have some things I bought in a small shop at Ammas ashram in Kerala many years ago and they are precious to me because of the memories I have of the peacefulness of that place.

    • Isn’t Amma divine ~ her hugs are amazing and life changing 🙂 I also went to Amritapuri many years ago and still have an orange kurta top I bought there…

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