The beauty of bindis…

The beauty of bindis...

The beauty of bindis…

Whenever I travel in India I wear the bindi. A bindi is either a sticker or powder dot worn between the eyebrows. Traditionally the bindi is worn here as the space between the eyebrows is the centre of the Ajna chakra ~ a source of concealed wisdom. In the Hindu religion the bindi is seen as a symbol of worshipping one’s intellect. If we worship our intellect we are hopefully able to make all areas of our life pure.

The use of kum kum powder on the forehead as a bindi is a sign of respect to our inner guru.

Bindis are available everywhere in India. The bindis above I purchased on my last trip for 5 rupees per packet ~ gorgeous and a bargain too! It is fun to mix and match your bindi with the colour you are wearing that day. They come in an array of colours, some bejewelled and others extremely ornate.

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