The end of education is character…

As an early childhood educator I have been often asked over the years what is my “philosophy of teaching”. Funnily enough my teaching philosophy can be summed up in one sentence ~ the end of education is character. “The end of education is character” what on earth does that mean? Well it’s very simple…

We attend school for a large part of our young and formative years. Every day of that education we are bombarded with information and knowledge that we “need to know”. However at the end of our years at school what information do we remember ~ how to sing Popeye the Sailorman in Latin is one of my favourite memories but seriously but how much do we really remember? So if we don’t remember everything we have learnt what is left at the end of our education? What I believe we are left with is our character. How often do we hear stories of people having a special teacher during their school years who had a profound effect on them and their life? I really believe that this is because this teacher has imparted something special that has influenced the way that person thinks and behaves ie. their character.

Amazingly during this trip to India I was given the ultimate gift and opportunity to teach in a school in India that shares my philosophy. The Sri Narayani Vidyalaya School’s philosophy is “nurturing children to evolve and lead a righteous, prosperous and harmonious life”.

Sri Narayani Vidyalaya School

Sri Narayani Vidyalaya is an English medium school that educates over 1000 students from kindergarten through to year 12. Over seventy percent of children at this school are the first person in their family to receive a formal education. The forty full-time teachers are very capably led by the Principal Mr. S Ramesh. He shows interest in all areas and in all people. During our morning meetings he would be marking diorama assignments, looking at new applications, sorting out school business…talk about multi-tasking! He did this always with a calm manner and kind words. He was a real inspiration and I respect him greatly.

The grounds of Sri Narayani Vidyalaya School

The school opened in June 2000. Besides the normal syllabus the children are taught spirituality with a strong emphasis on moral values. Computer science is a favourite subject and they have a computer lab with 40 computers for class use. From grade 2 till year 8 children in the school are taught how to use the abacus. The official Indian Abacus Champion is a student of the Sri Narayani Vidyalaya School. I watched an abacus display by the children while I was there and was blown away by the speed and accuracy of their answers.

An elephant slippery slide in playground…

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3 thoughts on “The end of education is character…

  1. I too believe that the first and foremost primary purpose of education should lead to rectitude in conduct and character development. How very wonderful to find that there are schools upholding spiritual and moral values to be taught to the children. A very inspiring post! Sharon

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