Find the Divine in all you do…

Cutting open a coconut…

Yesterday Padma heard from our beautiful friend Lou who is still at the Sri Puram Ashram in Thirumalaikodi, Tamil Nadu. She had this to say…

“Here, life is good as always. We had dinner with Amma last night. Wonderful! Amma had a small discourse which was something like…in my own words…

All things in life take time, you plant a seed, you need to care for it and see it grow; it takes time. You meet someone, you need to slowly share and connect with that person before the
relationship can grow and flourish…everything in life takes time, except one thing – Spirituality. Once you connect with the Divine, it is instant. Instant unconditional love and protection – Divine. Protection from bad thoughts and bad actions from your part. The Divine will guide you in doing good things which will help you reduce your karma. Also, when you think positive and do good
things, (it has like a ripple effect) to all those who surround you and then, they too do good things. It is like when you are with someone you love, if that person loves the color red, you will wear red to please them. If you love someone who loves spicy food, you will love spicy food to please them. Similarly, if you love a teacher or a guide, you will do everything to please them. It is easier to please them when they are around – laughter. The thing is, teachers cannot always be there. When they are not around, it is easy to go back to your old habits of doing bad things. When you do bad things, you will find a way to justify your actions to trick your mind in to thinking it is justifiable, that what you are doing is not so bad. When you are in the presence of your teacher, you work harder at pleasing them and doing right things. When it comes to the Divine, once you understand that the Divine is in all things, you realize that you cannot “trick” the Divine. Once you realize that the Divine is in all things, you will start treating everything differently, the trees, the ground, the animals…..You might think that everything you do is for the Divine but the Divine needs nothing. Everything you do is for your life, you create what happens in your life with karma. So when you are on the path of spirituality, the Divine will guide you and protect you in thinking and doing good things…. It is very simple to connect with the Divine ~ just chant “Om Namo Narayani”.”

6 thoughts on “Find the Divine in all you do…

  1. every breathe is a connection to the divine! Beautiful sentiments from Amma… we all need reminding that indeed there is no ‘separateness’. Just as you breathe the air from this atmosphere from over the other side of the planet I too share the same air. We are in that moment connected in the experience of ONENESS!

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