A cracker of a good time…

Indian Fireworks…

Padma and I have just returned from our wonderful trip to India. It is always with a huge sigh of happiness that you step back on to your home soil after a safe and fantastic holiday abroad.

“Traveling is like flirting with life.  It’s like saying, ‘I would stay and love you, but I have to go; this is my station.’” – Lisa St. Aubin de Teran.

After an absolute cracker of a holiday I thought I would share with you some of the amazing crackers we let off in India during Deepavali. As you will see some are what we would regard as a “little bit in poor taste” but they were genuinely meant as harmless fun.

Setting up the fireworks…

15 thoughts on “A cracker of a good time…

    • Yes it is a real treat to experience the fun and wonder of fireworks especially when you can’t in your home country…

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